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HCF Site Last Reviewed: 11-18-2013

Hawaii Cat Foundation (HCF) is an all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, formed in 1993 and is dedicated to the welfare of Hawaii’s cats, including the humane reduction of the feral/stray cat population through an effective, non-lethal management program.

HCF’s management program utilizes a multifaceted approach, with focus on three main components:

  1. 1. TNRM (Trap Neuter Return Manage): Is an effective non-lethal alternative to euthanasia as the means of population control.

  2. 2. Education: Promotes responsible pet ownership, with particular emphasis on the importance of neutering pet cats as well as stray cats in the community.

  3. 3. Adoption/Sanctuary: Sociable stray cats are adopted to responsible homes whenever possible.

Mission Statement


We Need Your Help to Rescue Chaminade Campus Cats!! 

If you can volunteer or donate financially. All assistance greatly appreciated:

PLEASE call (808) 688-8822, (808) 284-9293


What: Hawaii Cat Foundation (HCF) has agreed to accept 40-60 cats from Chaminade to keep them from being euthanized. However, HCF currently does not have the space to house these cats and is frantically working to build a fenced in area for them at its Kahaluu sanctuary. 

- We need special escape-proof chainlink fencing and building materials for a shelter. 

- We need volunteers to help build it and for operations to help care for the cats 


When: In addition to needing volunteers and funding for this project, the help is needed NOW!  After halting trapping for 1 month, Chaminade has again begun actively trapping the cats, so HCF urgently needs your help as soon as possible!   


Recap and follow up to HCF's October 19th Chaminade protest rally:  Although Trap Neuter Return (TNR) was allowed on campus for more than 20 years, a new policy mandates that all the cats be removed.  All negotiations have failed and Chaminade callously refuses to allow cats to remain on campus.  To alert the public to Chaminade's actions and to promote compassion for the cats through TNR, HCF held a rally in front of Chaminade's Kaimuki campus on October 19th, 2013.  Although Chaminade has not changed its policy on allowing TNR, after this rally, Chaminade halted trapping of cats for 30 days while HCF quickly scrambles to find resources to build an environment that will safely house and contain 40-60 relocated Chaminade cats. More time is needed to complete the cats' environment, but Chaminade is once again trapping the cats and surrendering them to the Hawaiian Humane Society (HHS).  HCF has been notified by HHS that they have started receiving Chaminade cats again as of 11/18/13 and HCF must pick up the cats promptly.  HCF can only house approximately 15 new cats while new space for the cats is being built.


PLEASE contact HCF if you can volunteer or donate financially to help HCF rescue the Chaminade cats.


Telephone: (808) 688-8822 or (808)284-9293